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Birthdate:May 28
Website:Read or Die on Wikipedia

Character Name: Yomiko Readman
Fandom: Read or Die (The Movie)*
Living Arrangements: The Bachelor Pad, 18 Apocalypse Avenue, basement

Yomiko Readman is from an alternate universe where Great Britain remains the dominant world power post-World War II. She is half-British, half-Japanese, and lives in Tokyo in a building positively filled with books. She uses the pay from her job as a substitute teacher to buy yet more books, and will occasionally go into debt to pay for more books. Books are a big thing for her. She is clumsy and forgetful, and can get so caught up in reading she forgets such things as looking where she's going, eating, and sleeping.

She is also an elite agent of the British Library's Special Operations Division, specializing in rare-book related emergencies. Usually this means 'retrieval,' but on occasion it has been known to mean things like 'attempting to stop clones of famous people from using Beethoven to end the world.' She is qualified for this job partially by her insane love of books, but mainly by her supernatural ability to manipulate paper. She can make paper be anything she wants it to be--a wall, a glider plane (that actually flies with her on it), a rope, a very sharp sword. Due to this ability, she is known as 'Agent Paper' or 'The Paper.'

Due to the fact that her 'day job' is in education, Yomiko has been sent to Fandom by her supervisor, Mr. Joker, to investigate the unusual happenings in Special Collections.

*I am told things happen in the RoD anime series and the manga that would change greatly the way Yomiko is played. However, I have neither seen the anime nor read the manga, and I feel that reading a Wikipedia entry is not enough information to form characterization off of. So I'm sticking with what happens in the movie, as far as canon goes.
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