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"Thanks for the lift," Yomiko told the helicopter's pilot right as they made the approach to Fandom.

"I could have sworn there was no island here," he muttered, but he could see the lights with his own eyes. "And it was the least the president could do after what you did for the Library of Congress."

Yomiko laughed. "It was nothing. Just a few giant paper-eating insects on a rampage. It could happen to anyone who messed around with the natural order of nature like that. The British Library was glad to send me to help out. Do you happen to know what day it is?"

" don't know what day it is?"

"I've been a little busy. Giant paper-eating insects." Not to mention the contents of the Library of Congress to browse.

"It's January first. Or, almost January second, but still. Happy New Year! All right, Ms. Readman, we will be landing shortly, so please make sure you're strapped in." She seemed normal enough, but the pilot had heard stories from friends who'd worked with her in the past. The five minutes before he dropped her off were more than enough time for Agent Paper to get into trouble.

And indeed, arrival on the island's causeway found him disentangling her braids from her seatbelt. He assured her it could happen to anybody and sent her on her way.

May 2007


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